Wood and Metal Creations

Crafted by hand. Created with heart.

You Will Enjoy Owning These One-of-a-kind Pieces As Much As I Enjoyed Creating Them!
— Harry Tallman, Founder

The Idea

The idea of making lamps from vintage and industrial parts happened by accident.  One day, I was cleaning my workshop and came across some old gas pipe, an on/off switch and a Mason jar destined to be tossed out.  But I'm the kind of guy thinks there is a purpose for everything; even if it's not what it was intended for.  So I made a lamp.  It had two arms and two legs made out of pipe, the light switch was the midsection and the Mason jar was the head with a bulb inside-my interpretation of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.  The lamp generated so much interest from friends and family that I decided to make a few more using oil funnels, barn pulleys and cheese graters.  After a while, I attended craft fairs, church bazars and farmers markets to gauge consumer interest in my lamps.  People commented on how the lamps were so unique and different and many said that they had to have one.  With such encouragement, I began Wood and Metal Creations.  Now I focus on finding vintage, industrial and everyday items and repurposing them into artistic and beautiful one-of-a kind lamps for your home or place of business. 

Style & Quality: 100% Handmade

I take pride in locating items that can be repurposed, whether it's an old truck spring, birdcage or antique water pump.  Combining these items with industrial gas pipe, I create conversational pieces of art that are also functional and stylish lighting suitable in any décor.  What I enjoy most is when individuals come to me with items that have special meaning in their lives and ask me to create one-of-a kind lamps for them.  With special orders, clients are involved in every step of the design process, from concept to finished product.  A variety of wood from Walnut, Cherry, Tiger, Burl, Maple, Pecan, Rough Sawn, Barn wood and more are used for our bases.  All wood and metal have been sealed with three coats of satin polyurethane creating a beautiful, natural shine.  Our lamps are equipped with heavy duty dimmable sockets in antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel and black powder coat finishes.  Our cords are mostly twisted antique wire that come in red, black, gold and brown. We also carry, at additional cost, a selection of 30, 40, and 60 Watt Edison/vintage-style bulbs.  Be assured nothing leaves our shop unless the highest quality of materials have been used.