Wood and Metal Creations

Crafted by hand. Created with heart.

Custom Creations

Whoa! You found my custom page, congrats. We'd love to create a handcrafted item for you.  Take this opportunity to make a high-quality handcrafted item that intertwines your own unique vision in the design.

  • Unlimited Customization: Do you have an item that you love and cherish? Send it to us and we'll infuse it in a one-of-a-kind design.
  • Mix and Match: See something you like in our shop or gallery?  Tell us about it and we'll tailor the item to your liking.
  • Choices, Choices & More Choices: Be sure to take a look at the bulbs featured on our site. Not sure which one to choose? Try asking our builder Harry T, he'll walk you through what makes your item standout.

Some of our customers have focused on the following elements:

  • Unique piping shapes and curves including extensions
  • Swapping and mixing wood bases
  • Rustic verse finished metal
  • Pulleys, Gauges, Saws, Cages, Gear & More.

Give us a ring today at (678) 266-0288 to chat about all the possibilities.